I run into a very common problem. Lots of times people email images to me that are HUGE. Sometimes several of these HUGE images come in an email attachment at once. This makes for one gigantic email. There are several problems with this.

#1 — it is going to tie up your email server and your ISP is not going to be happy. In fact, you may have the email kicked back to you as “undeliverable”

#2 — it is going to tie up my email. That makes it a little difficult for me to get things accomplished in a timely manner. But don’t despair! Fortunately, there are some very good solutions for this problem. So, let’s explore a few.

If the attachment you want to send me is something that absolutely needs to stay the large size that it is, I recommend the service yousendit.com. I’ve used this with great success in the past. They do, however, charge for this service although there is a free trial.

The best option if you are trying to send images is to compress the images. This can be done very simply with a free program available from Google. You know Google — right? Here at lisadesigns.com we LOVE Google - did you hear that Google? We LOVE you! Keep indexing us as #1!!! XXXOOO

Now where was I? Oh yes, compressing images:

Normally your digital camera will take pictures with a huge megapixel number. This is so your pictures will look nice and pretty and clear when you go to print them. The web doesn’t need to have such a huge megapixel number. In fact, huge megapixels = huge file size = loooonnnngggg download time = unhappy website visitor.

So here we go. Let’s compress those images:

First download Picasa from Google. Here is a handy link that will take you right to it. Picasa

It’s free! Did I already mention that? Install it by clicking on the .exe file you just downloaded. It will install the program and ask you if you want an icon on your desktop. Sure, why not. The icon is very pretty:

Now, put your images that you want to email to me in a folder in My Documents. Name it something fun like: pictures for Lisa.

Go ahead and click on the icon to open Picasa. Picasa will ask if you want to index all your pictures on your computer. Go ahead if you like, although it will take some time. This is a handy tool for organizing your images. It will be nice to have them all organized later. But if you want a shortcut tell it to just scan ‘My Documents Only’

Then at the top you will see a little search box with a magnifying glass. Type in the folder name of your images for me. They should pop up in the large window.

Next, follow these steps:

  1. Click Tools > Options > Email.
  2. Under Output Options, set the slide bar under ‘When sending more than one photo, resize to:’ I like to have them resized to no larger than 600 pixels. The default is 480 pixels. That works. You can leave it there if you don’t want to mess with it.
  3. Set the ‘When sending single pictures, resize to:’ option to 600 pixels, as above (or again, leave it at the default).
  4. Click OK.

Next, select your photos by clicking on them in the big window while holding your control key down. You will see them pop up in the lower left hand corner in the “Picture Tray”. Once you have selected the photos you would like to send, look at the bottom for the email button. Click on it. Select your email account from the pop-up window and send me the images.

That’s all there is to it! Now your ISP is happy, my ISP is happy, and Google still loves us!!

Occasionally I may need a larger image from you. It may be that I need to crop or isolate out a tiny part of the bigger picture. But if I do, I’ll let you know. In the meantime smaller is better. Compress away!