Most likely you have a personal profile page on Facebook that you use to connect with friends from  your personal life. What about  when you want to set up a Facebook presence for your business? The last thing you want is to have your business clients/colleagues accessing your personal information: pictures of your dog in funny hats, pictures of your Cabo vacation in that skimpy bikini — you get the idea. So — what to do?

Enter: the Facebook Business Page

How you set up your business page can be tricky. Facebook is not a big fan of Business Pages in theory. It kind of went kicking and screaming into the realm of an avenue to market your business. Back in “the day” (like 6 months ago) business were getting around this by setting up a fake profile page for themselves. Facebook didn’t care for this and started enforcing its TOS guidelines and shutting these profiles down. And there went all the marketing efforts these businesses put into gathering friends on these profiles, advertising with these profiles, etc. A side note: one thing to remember when doing anything on Facebook is this: Facebook owns it. Not you. They have total control and can do whatever they want with your Page, your content, your layout, your photos, etc. The moral to this: proceed with caution! Don’t trust this setup to your brother’s friends’ teenage cousins to get the job done.

I digress, again. Facebook then created Groups and finally Pages. Pages are what you want to market your business. But how to set one up?

This is where you must be cautious. Remember when we talked about domain names? And how setting one up incorrectly could cost you? This is generally the same idea. Make sure you set up your Facebook Business Page so you have total control. Otherwise it will come back to haunt you later.

How do you do that? Stay tuned, I am going to walk you through the correct way to set up your Facebook Business Page. My gift to you  . . .